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    can someone help! I like like this Girl. But I want to ask her If she likes me back the same way. Every time I plan to ask her I wimp out, Then I have to ask her Dad. He Might be the easy part. I got to Know him a bit. It might be hard.

    Please can you talk me threw this? can you help my confidince?
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    Haha! This is a toughy...but you'll get through it!

    Ask her out somewhere...girls LOVE to be asked out. Go to the movies and dinner or something, real casual. Get to talking, ask her questions about herself (girls LOVE to talk about themselves!) and really listen. Then if you feel comfortable enough you can say "you know, I really like you!"

    I'm a girl and I wimp out ALOT when it comes to guys I like. My friends ALWAYS tell me that the worst thing that can happen is the person doesn't like you the way you like them...and it's better that you know that so you aren't chasing the person with false hopes. Sometimes it hurts a little to find this out, but it's only temporary (Believe me, I know this well from experience!)

    So go ahead and take your chances. Who knows? Maybe she feels the same about you! You'll never know if you don't say something though! I know I'm guilty of waiting for the guys to act...sometimes they just never do!
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    ok, Thanks for the advise.

    Im Really down right now. Her and my self was planning of going to High school. we are both homechooled right now. anyway, I found out a few days ago that I'm moving a province away from her.
    I know I will still talk to her on the phone and on email. But I saw oh most saw my future with her and then it got flushed down the drain. But My brother has a girlfriend that is four province away and they are still togather. So I thought if it does work out, way cant it work out the same!

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