how do members become moderators?


12 Years
Jan 27, 2007
After reading hundreds of post on this site over the last four months, it seems to me that the issues in whether you can be a moderator on this site or not, lies in your interpretation of the term "Family Friendly".  If your idea of Family Friendly is a show like the Jeff Corwin Show, where it shows people spending millions of dollars saving wounded seals and stranded whales, then I think you could be a moderator in BYC.  But if your interpretation of Family Friendly is more like Duck Dynasty, where it shows traditional American family, praying over their meals, saying things that are not politically correct, chopping the heads off frogs, ripping the heads off chickens, shooting snakes and skinning fish, you will more then likely get banned from this site.  Duck Dynasty is the most popular, most watch Family show on TV, so the majority of Americans would interpret the term Family Friendly in the latter sense, but it appears that BYC panders strictly to the liberal minority's interpretation of the term.

Bottom line.  If you are a conservative American that holds true to traditional American values, keep your mouth shut about it on BYC or you will be dealt with.  If you are politically correct liberal, you are free to spout off all you want with no fear on BYC.  This is just what I picked up from reading on this forum.

Having posted a few thousand times and having read more than a few thousand posts it is obvious that the Site Owner & our Volunteer Mods provide a space for pragmatists/realists of an improvisational bent whose focus happens to be on poultry (but which came first?). That ALL of the words available from the Oxford English Dictionary & the Dictionary of Urban Slang aren’t `acceptable’ on BYC is a trivial limitation, though a `conservative’ one. That the Site Owner provides an entire Subforum devoted to `Random Ramblings’, where any member can bloviate and blather about whatever cultish cargo they deign to haul about in public, is an affection liberal in the extreme.

If one’s flock of meat chicks has taken ill and `saving’ them is essential (right up to carrying the sickest little guys around in one’s shirt pockets, hand feeding them Meal Worms), then one can receive/ferret out the information on how best to do so. That the cure takes and those now healthy chicks will soon mature into fat adults that require the cone, & the blade to their throats, is also a topic that members thoroughly cover with gravy… (FYI - plenty of recipes available). Promotion of basic humanity throughout the process as the guiding principle is a given, on BYC – anything less is inhumane (and, if my reading of history and observations over this brief `three-score’ are any guide – we humans don’t need any more graduate courses in the latter).

Domain Name Registration is cheap. Setting up and maintaining a Site where Everyone can learn, rather than be lectured to, or lathered up for the sale/kill? Well, I’ll continue to send in my $20 a year to BYC.
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