how do members become moderators?

when I grow up i hope to be a mod some day

then I can tell DH I have to be on BYC - I am working LOL

On this forum, when new moderators are needed, the existing staff discusses the matter and decides which members to ask if they would be willing to help.

To add to eggchel's post, some of the things we look for are level headedness, helpfulness, maturity, knowledge, commonsense, loyalty, sense of humor and ability to lead.
I'd like to add a few more details on what we're looking for when we invite people to become moderators:

Helpfulness / Love of the community: You have a genuine desire to help BYC grow and want to help people help their chickens
Loyalty: You're not just here for a month and you also agree with the rules and philosophies of this site, i.e., family friendly, etc.
Maturity / level handedness: You don't get offended easily and try not to let your emotions rule your behavior
Sense of humor: We like people who are fun to be around and enjoy a good laugh

You'll notice I didn't post "knowledge of chickens".... well, that's because while it is a "plus" it isn't necessarily a requirement.
wow. i fit most of those...

when ya all need help, I'm there fer ya!

Oh yeah, and im totally addicted to this site!

edited to add- sorry bout the whole song on the video thing...overlooked that part
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