How do the baby chicks get food?

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8 Years
May 6, 2011
Hi all,
Well, I have four broody hens out of six. Finally, 2 eggs have hatched as far as I can see, YEAH! It is so cute to see them peeking out from under mama. My question is, how do they get the food and water which is close to the floor and they are in the nesting boxes which are about 2 feet off the ground? I don't want them to fall and die. Can I take them out from under mama and put in my brooder which would also allow me to give the starter feed? I hatched 28 chickens a few weeks ago and they are in the larger brooder. I started out the day-olds in an old reptile tank w/a lid which worked great. Is it OK to take the babies away from mama? I haven't had any eggs in 3 weeks and would like to start getting eggs and take the best possible care of the babies.
You sure can take them from mama if you want to brood them. Set up that brooder and get it up to temp- then go out after dark and take them from under her. She'll probably be pretty POed in the morning, but she'll get over it. Good luck with your babies!
Thanks for input. I will do that tomorrow night. Hopefully there will be a few more babies and I can get the small brooder ready

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