7 Years
Feb 21, 2012
I just think it is so funny how good my birds are at HIDING their eggs. I only have one chicken at the moment. She is just over a year old and I have found four of her hidden nests. The first was when I didn't even know she was laying. We where moving to a place about 3 hours away and we took all of the ducks/chickens with. When we got there, I found a tiny egg in with the chickens. When we went back to bring up more stuff, I searched their run and found yet another egg. Then after she had settled into the new house a little better, she started laying by UNDER the door (the run I used for them used to be a dog pen and at that time, it had a hole that one of the previous dogs dug). Then, after I though she wasn't laying for a while, I woke up and went outside looking for her, and she was sitting on her little nest of 14 eggs (to lay another one, she didn't go broody), then she kept laying on that one for a while and I just kept collecting all the new eggs until it snowed in her nest. Of course, she was done laying in it after that and went to lay them somewhere else. I searched the entire yard and found nothing, until I was looking through some stuff in the garage and found 9 eggs just sitting on the concrete. The first hing I did was get a box for her to lay in. She laid one egg in it and didn't like it. Then about 2 weeks later, my little sister came and told me that there were 4 eggs in the nest. She has been laying in it ever since (as long as I keep some other eggs in there so she doesn't know I am taking them). Also, I have this duck, and I got my first egg (in this house) about 2 weeks ago. At first I was collecting the eggs to try to hatch, then once I had gotten 10 eggs and put them in the incubator, I figured I would leave the rest and see if I could get her to go broody (she was a cayuga and they typically are a broody breed). Right about that time, she stopped laying, since i hadn't gotten an egg in a few days, I went ahead and put the one egg from the nest in the fridge. A few days ago, one of my pekin ducks laid her first egg. I figured that pekins didn't generally go broody, so i took the first two eggs and put them in the fridge. Then I figured I would start leaving them there again. I left one eggs there, and it got cracked. So I took the three duck eggs from the fridge and put them in the nest. I only have three girl ducks, and I let three eggs in the nest. i woke up this morning and found 7 eggs in the nest. Three of which (not including the refrigerated one) where from the duck hat i thought had stopped laying. Even though I searched the entire run every day, she still managed to hide them from me!!!

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