How do they know?


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Nov 14, 2009
We have a lot of birds visit our yard that are the same size and roughly same shape as a hawk, eg cockatoos, ravens and corellas. But when a hawk shows up and perches nearby my girls go nuts until I go scare it off. It must be instinct becuase a bird of prey is a threat to chicks but how do they know? Anyone have a good explanation or link to an article? In the same vein, from day one they are fine with the dog but the cats spook them more.
its just there instinct i guess.mine do that too but instead of complain until i come scare it off they go running and my peacock scares him off.
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LOL...I've kind of wondered the same thing. They pay no attention to Can. geese flying overhead, but they sure do a hawk (never had any land near us). They seemed fascinated yesterday, watching a heron swoop down by the lake and then back up and But they didn't run.

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