How do u all get Chicks to eat the yogurt?


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Hello all~~
My chicks are only 6 almost 7 days old. i had a pasty butt chick and am concerned to get yogurt into her. it was an ordeal to get the dried poops off her and dont want to do it tomorrow!

When i put 2 diffferent samples in there, hours later no go. they dont like it. firstly, plain yogurt mixed w chick feed and water, second, later, straight plain yogurt.

is it that they are just too young by a few days?

what else can i do?
thanks in advance!
To start with, I just sprinkled their chick starter on top of a thin layer of yogurt. They went for the food and ate the yogurt, too! Now, 9 weeks later, they will eat almost anything that I give them.
You won't need to mix water with it...try picking the chick up and then dabbing a bit of yogurt on her beak. Usually the bright color is enough to attract them, though. Don't serve it on a white dish, try it on your finger; maybe they couldn't see it.
I usually have to serve it a couple times before they show any interest in it...
This year I tried a probiotic in their water at the first pasty butt. It worked great, it was the only one that occurred!!!
I couldn't get my chicks interested in yogurt...until I tapped the spoon on the side of the box. It sounded like a chick pecking so they all came scrambling to check it out. I smeared some on the wall and their curiosity got them going and started pecking away. I slowly slipped my baby spoon of yogurt in the midst and the rest is history. They now love yogurt and they love the baby spoon (and only the baby spoon)
I cook some oatmeal, let it cool some so it doesn't kill the active cultures in the yogurt and I mix the yogurt in that and they eat every bit of it.
When mine see me coming with the black pans they come running!
I mix the yogurt with scrambled egg and sprinkle chick starter on top. Once one tries it, the rest will follow. BTW....I keep a dish of sand in the brooder and have never had a problem with pasty butt.

awesome, thanks for the ideas!
I thought it was weird they didnt go right for it, as the older hens absolutely love yogurt! its so cute the noises they make.

I Did put it on a white jar top! thats funny about colour. i will change it and see if they see it better. interesting.

i will try the spoon too.
i did touch their beaks to it, but they didnt like it. spent time rubbing it off on the floor!
its prob just a new thing to them.
i think plain yogurt is best, as sugar isnt good for them. but the colour thing is a good idea. maybe berry yogurt or something.
thanks and blessings!

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