How do you all handle this in the south?

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The eggs are probably fine. I had a hen sit in late July. I saw her several times sitting beside the nest. :confused: I did not know what would happen but trusted her to 'do her thing'. All hatched just fine on time. It hit 100 several times. I did keep fresh water near her and added vitamins/electrolytes several times.
I do not let hens sit in mid summer anymore, just too hot here.
I hope the eggs under my broody didn't get baked today, we hit 100° and I'm sure it was at least that hot maybe more on the box.
I saw my broody left the eggs for a little while and has them spread well out.
Getting ready for more of the same tomorrow!
It's will be fine.
My oldest broody (6 to 7yo) hatched out some chicks a week ago.
She spent a lot of time sitting beside the nest, rather than on it. The weather is very hot and humid here.
I put my girl in a large brooder with water and food nearby.
I noticed she was off the nest on day 19 to drink, and defecate. She hatched the first chick that same evening. A few of the eggs were out of the nest, and scattered. They were all hatched out by day 21. She is the proud mama hen of 8 chicks.
I admit to being stressed from worrying about her, I always am. But she is very persistent. She'll be broody again in around 12 weeks, and again in the fall. I will probably adopt pullets for her to raise.

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