How Do you find out the cost to ship a bird you are selling?

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    I'm new to shipping, how do find out the cost if you are selling a bird?
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    I want to know also! I hope someone tells you so I know also.
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    I think you need to call the post office- since they are the only ones who ship, they can certainly tell you.
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    You can go to the USPS website:
    Click on Calculate postage the select Express Mail. You will need to extimate weight I weigh the box with the chicken in it and then you have a more accurate calculation. Two Bantam chickens usually weigh around 5 pounds in the box. You will need to have the measurment of the shipping box. You can only use USPS approved filtered boxes, which are 18x8x20. In short for two bantams it usually runs around 38-48 dollars
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    First of all you must have the special postal approved shipping box for the size of the bird or birds. (Cheaper to buy in quantity) So then you will later add the cost of your box to the shipping.

    You need the buyer zip code. You need the weight of the bird(s) and the weight of the box filled with 1 gallon shavings and 1 quartered apple per bird (for a single nest is usually a little under 3 lbs.) Add your weights for a total weight and go to USPS site under postal calculator for EXPRESS MAIL and enter Box and enter weight and you have your shipping then add you box cost and how much you want for the bird and there you have it.

    Make sure the state your customer is in is allowed to accept birds.

    Hope this helps, you can email me for more if you like.[​IMG]

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