How do you get a chicken to eat yogurt?

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Our chicks are not quite three weeks old. The kids have been feeding them treats (mainly grasshoppers) almost from day one. Whenever they go into the coop/run the kids yell "treat" and they come running and viola - they get a grasshopper. Yesterday we decided to give them some yogurt because of what I've been reading. We went inside the run, yelled "treat" they flock around us looking up in anticipation, we put down the big plate of plain yogurt....and.... all the girls look at us like we are nuts as if saying "where's the grasshoppers!" So we then mix some with the start and grow. Still a no go. Some took a few pecks at it but most just walked around in it and got their feet all sticky.

Again, we just decided to give them some yogurt for the heck of it. All of our peeps are happy and healthy. I was just wondering if there is a "secret" to getting your birds to eat yogurt.

Thanks all and have a blessed day.
The crumbles mix worked for me. With my second batch of chicks it took them a while to try it. Once the first one decided to try it they all jumped in. I think i had to actually get some on the end of my finger so they would try it. Keep trying, they will figure it out.
Our girls, now 9 weeks old wanted nothing to do w/yogurt! So we sprinkled their feed on top. We called it their yogurt topping. It
Be sure to wear plastic because once they discover this, it will be EVERYWHERE. We also added ground oak meal.
.. Good Luck.
i am not for just giving yogurt alone as it is sloppy and they waste as much a they eat
the chicken does not like any thing sticking to its beak
so I always used the wet mash probiotic method

using 1 qt of dry crumble feed
1-1/2 qt of milk any kind
1 cup yogurt
and 1 cup of applesauce on the top of the wet mash mixture

any questions email me
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