Solved How Do You Get a Gallery and an Album?

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Hi! I've been noticing that some of the members on BYC has either a gallery or an album or both on their page. I'd like to have one or both, but I don't know how to get them. So I was wondering if someone could please help me to get one or both. Or- can you only get those if you have the PFM? Thanks! :D
AAS @TwoCrows said, anyone can do it. I do have a suggestion though, when you upload you pictures to the gallery, *do* create an album, do *not* place them in the areas un the the blue text, create an album instead (yellow).
Wow, those are amazing! Make sure you enter some of those in our upcoming poultry in winter contest, and save a couple of good ones for the 2022 calendar contest!
Thanks! Ok, I will! :D

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