How do you get mottled cochins?

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Is this a "natural" color- or is it a combination of different colors? It's looking like I might have made some- or something similar.

I read somewhere on here about breeding them with mille fleur and getting 2 kinds of chicks- but how do you get mottled in the first place? Thanks!
mottling is a recessive gene, takes both parents at least carrying it. If both have it. all the chicks will have it. You can use mottled crossed on mille fleur, and cross back on mille fleur to get more mille fleurs. you also get a bunch of mottleds in the process, all of which are split to mille fleur from waht i understand. I am new to this and don't quote me...
the mottled have to have a certain amount of white tips on black feathers

Male has in Head feathers 1 feather in 3 ending with small V shaped white tip

Neck Hackle and Saddle feathers All one feather in two ending in a small V shaped white tip

front of Neck and Breast, also Lower thighs, also Body and stern, feathers 1 feather in 2 ending in a small V shaped white tip. Stern fluff is black tinged with white

Back 1 feather in 4 ending with small V shaped whitte tip
Main Tail feathers black each feather ending with a V shaped white tip
Sickles, Lesser sickles, Coverts feathers black each ending in V shaped white tip
Wings, shoulders fronts and Bows brilliant greenish black 1 feather in 3 ending in V shaped white tips

Wing Coverts brilliant greenish black feathers Each feather ending in a V shaped white tip
the whole forming 2 distinct bars across wing
Primaries black ending with white tips
Secondaries lustros black, ending with white tips
Undercolor slaty black

This is from the ABA BANTAM StandRD which has the rest of the Dq's and Defects for Mottled as well as the description of the female mottled Cochin

It will take some doing to find birds that fit this pattern and I don't thinkl just any color will do
I always found the Mottled with width of back and breast to be a superb color varity of cochins

you should not have any problems finding some there in Tennessee area
there is a poultry show at a little town south of White Pine Tennesse once or twice a yr
Any question on this email me
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