How do you go about removing abandoned domestics from parks?


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I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this. We had a gal on the other side of the valley from me that used to rescue injured and abandoned waterfowl from parks or on call and she was well known with many contacts from vets, animal control, the wildlife sanctuary etc. Sadly her life has been pulled "hard to port" and she's no longer able to do this, nor is she available for me to pick her brain.

I'm thinking about running some type of rescue after DH and I relocate and buy property.

If anyone is familiar with this process could you tell me what type of permissions you need to get to cover your bases? Do you contact the city, county or police department for permission or what? Is it advantageous to apply for charity status and run a "rescue" or "sanctuary" (what is the difference?), or is it enough to just have a website, adequate housing and run series of rehoming classifieds?
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Being in your area, and knowing Joe Arpaios love of animals, I'd bet that IF you contact his office and find the dept that deals with the shelter that they can guide you and even assist.
Joe is the abandoned animals best friend....get him on your side and you;re set.
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Sorry to hear about ur friend. She sounded like a beautiful person. I would start by calling the game warden and park rangers.
In most states it is illegal to poses migratory birds ie ducks. I would start with state laws and then county and local. It may require Federal permits and aviaries built and inspected prior to you doing this legally. A lot of people do this illegally because they are unaware that it takes permits. I have rescued a couple ducks that were given to my friend who is a vet. He didn't know what to do with them and I have chickens so he brought them to me. I raised them until they feathered out all the way and released them at a local pond with other Mallards. At the time I didn't know there were strict laws in my state. I could have been fined just trying to do the right thing so make sure you get all the info first. Good luck
The best thing to do is contact whomever is in charge of the park or reservoir. Most places appreciate anyone who is willing to rescue dumped waterfowl, but prepare for some resistance. For example, they may not allow you to remove animals who have been in the park for a long time and have adapted. However, if you let them know you are interested in rescuing dumped animals and have proof that you can care for them, they may call you to rescue newly dumped animals. Also, it's not as easy to catch these animals as many people think.

So, it's best to get to know the staff and the parks you're dealing with. Visit often and ask people about the animals and their history.
I guess I should clarify-- I would not be getting into this until we move to a different state. DH is going to school here in AZ and when his degree is finished we will likely need to move for him to get a position in his field as there is too much competition here. I lease acreage now but at that point we would be buying 10 acres min, most likely in Missouri.

I'm not intending to mess with any native species, just removing dumped pets from parks, and if I'm lucky take in birds to rehome BEFORE they are dumped.
Sounds like a wonderful thing your wanting to do, I hope it all works out. and when it does please keep us updated on it all. I would love to be able to do that.

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