How do you guys work out these swap meets?


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How long in advance is one planned? Do you all just meet up at someones house and hang out and trade chickens? The one I read about sounded so fun. It was too far and we couldn't make it though but I was thinking I could maybe host one this next spring. I have plenty of room for a swap meet and plenty of horse trails if anyone wants to bring their horses for a ride.
I have not organized a swap but have participated in them. It is very hard and frustrating work. I use to be president of a coonhunters club and we held 5-8 events a year. You need to get at least 4-5 dedicated people to help plan the swap. Each person needs to be in charge of a different job like set-up of food, advertising, parking, name tags, raffles, etc. The more of the work spread out makes it more easy to do.

There is a learning process with each event untill you get everything right.

Good Luck

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We just had one here in Oregon, and it was great. I think K7 put the first post out about it on May 5th and we had the meet on June 13th. She suggested a couple of dates, we all "voted" on what would work best for us and we had a date.

We then picked a central city where we could all drive to within a couple of hours. It took us a while to figure out where we were going to meet in the city, and I don't think we really had that nailed down until about a week before but we found a park right off the freeway that was great.

We left it to everybody to post what they had and what they wanted and people made deals in PMs. I kept an updated list of what people had and wanted.

Some people brought food and shared. I didn't bring anything (didn't have time that morning) so I didn't partake (I didn't think it would be fair for me to eat and not bring anything).

I'm guessing we had around 25-30 people there and lots of chicken, quails & eggs. We showed up around 3:00 and most were cleaned up and leaving by 5:00.

I think all it took was someone to set a date and it all really fell in to place over time.

Don't worry about getting it right. Just meet with other people that love fowl, have fun, make good friends, and enjoy!

Oh, don't forget a camera, we all did!

Looking forward to the next Oregon Swap/Meet!


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