How do you identify Japanese bantam chicks other bantams?

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10 Years
May 4, 2012
Keller, VA
How much shorter are the bones below the hocks? What color are black Japanese bantam chicks ear feathers? Are their legs slate or dark on the front or are their legs yellow??
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the black japanese will have blackish/grayish legs and black face they are pretty much pure black every ware
hope it helps;)
Hi! Not all Japanese have short legs. My pullet's legs are medium length, so they are noticeably shorter, but the long legged ones are harder. If they are true short legged, you can barely see the legs. A black jap chick will be nearly solid black with tiny white flecks. My pullet is solid white with yellow shanks, I think solid blacks are also supposed to have yellow legs. :)

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