How do you keep broody on nest after only a few chicks have hatched?


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Dec 20, 2009
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My broody had 10 eggs under her. 4 hatched yesterday and I have one more that is pipped. She has now decided to get off the nest and only mother the babies, leaving the eggs to get cold.

What can I do? I think the other eggs have just a couple more days to go until they hatch. Will it be ok since she still sits on them all night?

What about the egg that is pipping?

I had a broody sitting on a staggered hatch of 17. I was afraid she'd abandon the rest of the eggs, and really.. she should to take care of the already hatched ones.. so we took the chicks as they hatched. When the last 2 hatched, we gave her back the chicks that had hatched in the last couple days. She has 5 chicks to mother. Otherwise we would have needed to put the last 11 in an incubator, possibly even 14.
That is a great idea. I would want to give her all the chicks back to raise, as I prefer the mother raising them to me putting them in a brooder (more work for me). I wonder if she would accept back all the chicks?

The eggs are only staggered by a couple days...

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