how do you know if your chicken is cold?

cary 1973

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Apr 17, 2012
Henderson Nevada aka Las Vegas
I have been putting off asking this qestion due to I know I am going to get a frew rude coments back from some people but I really need to know now.

so I live in Las Vegas Nevada and up till about 2 days ago we have been in the 80's and lows in 60's then pressure changed and brough are air from up north and we droped in to the hights of 50 and lows in 30's. (now I know some of you are saying cold that at cold were hitting - and freezing) So we really did not even get a chance to adjust to cooler weather as most people where still wearing shorts out and having fans on encluding the chickens (not the shorts and fan but not used to the sudden cold)

I know people post that you dont add heat to a coop cuz if the power went out they would not be used to the cold and could die so to me this is the same kind of thing right?

the last 2 nights I have went out to check on them about 9pm they were all huddled togeather and close as could be and fluffed up feathers and there heads barried i am not quite sure where there heads wehre they were just gone till I talked to them and then they poped there head out of now where :) With only have 4 chickens I just brought then in and put them in the space between end of my bed and the wall a good 2 1/2 foot by 4 foot space with comfy blakets and then puppy pads on top and used fire place gate in front and they just settled right down and went to sleep and sleep in the morning too that has been nice. How ever I really dont want indoor chickens again. ryi coop size is 5 foot high 4 feet wide and 8 feet long wood with a window that open and closes and has a curten, double dooors in the front that are covered and window in front I have covered then of course the chicken door,

So my qestion is how do you know if your chickens are cold and more needs to be done for them? how long doses it take for them to get used to the weather change? What are the risk if they get cold?

thank you all for the help


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Jun 7, 2011
Taylors, SC
Fully feathered chickens are ready for the weather. If this is a normal range of temperatures for your area, I would venture that the chickens are fine. Nestling together, fluffed up enables them to keep warm.

This is akin to the paradoxical question that someone will ask. If you are wearing a coat, you are asked,"Are you cold?" Of course you aren't because you now are wearing a coat, but you were cold before you put on the coat.

I can tell that my chickens roost closely together. I have never looked into the coop at night to see if they are fluffed up or not. When mine are out for the day, I often see some of them under the bushes fluffed up and apparently sleeping.

I would not worry about the chickens, but would do what made me comfortable.


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