How Do You Prevent A Area Where Chickens Are Kept In the Yard From Getting Muddy

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by MrShax, Sep 26, 2014.

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    I just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas as to how to prevent my yard, well a part of my yard where i have fenced off to keep my chickens in, their coop and a large area of the garden is all in one.

    but my question is how do i prevent that part of the area from gettign all muddy? is there any way i can do this?

  2. Not really. Chickens scratch for food when they are in their run or range. Mine scratch as if they are trying to get all the way through to China. That is why most runs are dirt...scratched beyond recovery. You could try adding some turf now and then but they will scratch that as well. If you go for some sort of gravel just make sure it is not something they will think is grit and eat it all.
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    They need a bigger area in order not to tread the ground so hard.

    When my run gets muddy, I throw down straw and that helps. You could rotate their fence to a new area every week to rest the grass. Throw down grass seed when they move on for extra effect.
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    Grazing Frames might be a simple answer to your problem. I really like the idea and will likely implement it in my run.

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