How do you resist Feed store chicks

Jan 2, 2021
Ive never gotten my birds from the feed store... but I did it would probably be something like this
1) think about how I have no space
2) how I don’t need to take care of more chicks
3) realize that the roosters are gone so now I DO have space
4) freak out over last years incident were the heat lamp fell over and the olnly reason the coop didn’t burn down was because the heat lamp fell on top of the waterer.
I love chicks but, if I did get more birds I would get them at like 6 weeks so I don’t need to set up a heat source. I know that my neighbors got their birds as six week olds from a hardware store, and they got all hens. So come spring I might get new chicks. And lets hope that the ducklings and chicks are far away from each other because, I can accommodate new chicks, but there is no way I can fit ducks in there too.
Dec 28, 2020
I have bought many chicks over the years from Atwoods Farm and Ranch. They get them mostly from Ideal and sometimes Hoover’s. I have had great success really. Most of the birds have been pretty to look at and have been great layers. The Cornish Crosses I’ve bought from them have been fantastic. Very low loss. I will continue to buy from there when they have something neat or a good deal. I have bought cornish cross on sale there for 1.50$ each that they had already fed for two weeks haha! I’ll take that deal any time.


Jun 11, 2020
SF Bay Area
I take a picture or jot down the alleged breed. Then I go home and search for hatching eggs because that’s so much more fun than the “premade” version. :D

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