How do you scoop the poop out of the sand in the coop?


Jul 13, 2020
North Alabama
Try a reptile scoop. I use one for my poop boards. Holes are small and my PDZ flows right through. 10 min at most to clean two trays.

Ted Brown

Dec 12, 2018
near Shawville Quebec Canada
My Coop
I do not use sand rather Sweet PDZ on a drop board; I am not sure how the granuality of PDZ compares to sand but I think it is similar. I tried multiple cat scoops, does a job but no banana.

@aart recommended using mesh desk organizers from Bed and Beyond and they are brilliant! Qualification is that I am dealing with an area of 4' by 10' raised off the floor about 30"; a larger area and on the ground perhaps would be tedious one would have to try.

I use a large plastic scoop with a small scraper to pull the poop into the scoop and then dump it into the mesh organizer. I then pick up the organizer and gently shake it back and forth. The PDZ falls through the mesh everything stays behind. I then dump it into a plastic bucket and dump that into an outside composer. Takes maybe 5 minutes, retains even the smaller bits that simply fall through a cat scoop. Believe me it works!!


Jun 22, 2020
New York
I use a kitty litter scoop in my bedding which is pine pellet, not sand. My coop is small though. I would recommend you to use a poop board that’s above ground so they don’t scratch the poop back in, also keeps the cleaning in one area :D

Love this bedding by the way. $5 a bag and that bag will probably last me a year and more. it’s organic and absorbs liquid like no
body’s business. It dries out the poop, and coats it for a nice scoopable package. I also dry my coffee grounds and add that in periodically - The coop smells great! When it needs to be changed out, I will simply toss it in the compost. I don’t see that happening anytime soon though!
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