How do you ship hatching eggs?

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    Aug 18, 2009
    I recently got a pair of Silkies and am interested in selling their fertile eggs. Anyone care to explain the process of how to do so. Do you need special accounts and how do you package them?

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    Click on Members Pages at the top and go to Dipsy Doodle Doo's page and go to wrapping- packing eggs at the top of that page.
    (sorry I don't know how to link you directly to it yet, if anyone could tell me that would be great)

    It has step by step instructions and that is what I am going to go by as I am also starting to ship my Speckled Sussex and Barred Rock eggs.
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    CHIC, here's the link to Dipsy's page on wrapping:

    And she is a great shipper! I have received 3 orders from her and NOT one chipped or cracked egg!

    I do a variation of this. I use a large USPS mailing box (not the standard sized same priced ship boxes) I wrap my eggs in bubble wrap, Put them in a box, then surround the box with cushioning materials, newspaper, foam, packing bubbles, crumbled and died brown bags, plastic bags and even neatl arranged and clean styrofoamed egg containers....Whatever will buffer the inner box from blows that might happen in travel. I basically custom design packing for the boxes. My system of mailing is usually more expensive than using a standardized priority ship box and certainly more labor intensive , but I find that the eggs arrive more safely than those I have received from shipping in a standardized box without customized packing.

    The writing on the outside is very important as well, I make many different kinds of notations on the outside of the box regarding contents and add any special instructions that they buyer might have.

    Please do a search for packing eggs. I know that houndit has a posting on packing eggs.

    Great luck with your venture....PS you might get better responses if you have the moderator move this topic to a forum where this is being discussed.

    If I can help you along the way with any questions you might have on this topic, feel free to pm me....Or if you need any eggs, we have a wide variety from wellsummers, buff orpingtons, black copper marans, pure mahogany eggs, etc., etc.............

    Hope this was helpful and have a blessed day.
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    Feb 12, 2009
    You will find that many people who ship eggs all do it in a similar way but tweak it a little for their own version of what works best. I usually line the bottom with foam peanuts, place the eggs in a egg carton with shavings or saw dust so they don't move and then use a bubble wrap around that, and on top I add more peanuts. I had a few people use that method for eggs I were shipped to me and I always had a better hatch rate with that method. Most of the people that have received my eggs have had a very good hatch rate as well with that method. There are a lot of different ways and all can work or maybe not work at times.
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    May 25, 2009
    Greencastle, Indiana
    ive seen people wrapping every egg in bubble wrap and using a lot of packing peanuts...............thats another popular way........and the way im going to do it when i start shipping in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!
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    Please secure those wrapped eggs in something.....Even if you don't have a small box, a package made of bubble wrap like Dipsy or make a small box from cardboard. I love the USPS and they are really good with my eggs, but I've received boxes of eggs where the eggs slipped from the middle of the cushion of packing peanuts and landed against the size of the carton, taking unnecessary battering when shipping. I do use packing peanuts as one of my cushioning but again, it's that theory in science we have and it's discussed in Houndit's thread where the absorbed blow is taken outside the inner container.....I'm sorry but science was not my best topic in school...

    Let me find the link to Houndit's posting.....Here it is:

    Please pm me if more help is needed and again, recommend the post be moved to another section of the forum.


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