how do you tell male from female GF?


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i am getting chickens this summer, and i have to get a small number, and its too much money to build a run, so a friend suggested i get GF for a redtitor alarm. how do you sex them? please post pics of male and female. (btw, all the preditiors around my house: coyotes, foxes, owls, hawks, falcons, small weasels, badgers, and my cat)
Sometimes you can tell by size of wattles and shape of the head but that varies by individual and really takes seeing a lot of guineas before you have any accuracy that way. You pretty much have to wait until they mature completely and start making noise. The females will make a 2 syllable sound that the males never do.
I can tell our guineas apart by the waddles. The males are larger, longer and have a cup shape. They cup towards the front. The females have shorter waddles and they are flatter and go back farther on their neck. I have noticed that the males beak is red next to his head and the rest is horn color. The females beak is redder all the way to its end almost.if you look closely and study them you can tell them apart. And always by their voice. just yesterday I noticed the waddles on the females wheen you look down to the top of their head from above them look like they are pointed toward the rear, the males are in a rounded cup shape looking down on them from above them.
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Pics don't matter as much a the sounds they make. The female "buckwheat" is very distinctive. Unfortunately you have to wait until they're a few months old before either the sound or the wattle can be used to sex them.

Here's a link to the sound: If you dig around, you'll see plenty of pictures, too. I have two hens and two cocks that have lived here for quite a while, and to this day, I still have to look pretty close to see the difference. Both have a little "unicorn horn", but on the cocks it's larger. The sound leaves no room for doubt, though, and all my neighbors can hear it, too!
Well, that's odd! Clicking on "Listen to the girls" slams my browser closed faster than closing it the normal way! Sorry about that - it worked very well for me back when I couldn't tell the difference. I guess I'll try to capture my own audio/video and post it here ASAP, since I know that is a very common question.

Come to think of it, there is some video kicking around here somewhere that I recorded on my phone, I think. When we recorded it and played it back for 'em, it made them go into a mad screech-fest!
I will dig it up later and post a link.
Can we get this stickied? This is a very common question and we are always posting that link.

Edited to add: no offense to the OP. I just think this would be a good sticky as it is a common question.
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