how do you tell when they're molting?

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    I have 10 16 week old bantams and while I see a lot of feathers here and there in their coop and run, how do I know when it's a molt? I read that it happens at certain times, but then I am confused if these "times" coincide with certain seasons that make the molt not happen? winter.

    While I see feathers, they don't look featherless...are they supposed to look like they're molting?

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    Nov 19, 2008
    If you see large wing feathers missing off birds or on the ground they are molting. Some birds molt slowly and don't look terrible when they molt. Or they may just be starting and haven't had the opportunity to look terrible yet.

    At 12-16 weeks old chicks go through a partial molt, so they shouldn't get too terrible looking at all, but they probably are molting now.
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