how does 3 turn into 16?


6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
So when I started this venture I only wanted 3 one for each of the kids. When I went to the feed store they had black jersey giants, ameracaunas, red sex links, red leghorns and buff orpingtons. They were not too much and well I thought more would do better then less. So I thought I'd get a few more. That few turned into 10, I got two of each breed.

NOW My hubby wanted some cochins so I got him two white cochins for his birthday, but there was a 4 chick min so I got a light brahma and a golden laced wyandote but of course I didn't want them to be alone so I got two of each of those.

THAT'S how 3 turns into 16 here...OH MY GEEZE
I started out ordering 15 Barred Rocks and fell in love with Silkies..... I will have 32! Lol
Please be aware, there is NO CURE for chickenitis. The only symptom is not having that other breed you don't have yet, and of course not wanting that chick to be lonely so adding a few more!

We have the same story. Only wanting to get 3 chicks because that would be all of the eggs we would need. Well 30 some chickens and two years later, we have an incubator full and day old chicks coming in the mail.

My husband is hoping they find a cure quick (like yesterday!).
I finally admitted to my husband today I ordered the Silkies and his response was "Really Bailey?!?!?! OK, do what you want" Haha
chicken maths is infectious

I started with 2 then ordered 3

then ordered 2 more

then ordered 5 more and ended bringing home 10 and 7 ducks

then I ordered 3 geese

then ordered another 11 geese

then I hatched out atleast 100 some lived some died some I still have and some for meat

now I have 30 chicken and another 48 in the incubator

and this year I will be hatching every week till September
lol chicken math they call it! Our 3 turned into 20 fast, but then 2 died and I know we have a few roosters we cannot keep so around 14 when is all said and done is what we will have! Oh and two ducks now too lol!
see that's my problem not wanting them to be the only one lol ridiculous I have only had these babies a week! I would like to hatch some at some point but that will have to be later.
You just get attached way too fast! I would really like some for meat but I just don't know if I can do it! Lol
Chicken math is dangerous!! My husband told me that I was not for ANY reason to bring home baby chicks this spring. .. . WELL I have a broody hen. . . . SOO. . . . I brought home some fertilized eggs from the farm store! He just started laughing when I told him and told me that he knew I would find a way!!! 18 days and I should have some more babies!
Congrats on your new babes!

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