how does it take for chicks to get along

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    Mar 30, 2011
    i started with 5 barred rock and six buff ops they are 6 weeks old a flaw in the coop allowed a some type of animal to get in and kill six of my chicks i found the problem and went and bought six 4 week old golden commets i put them in the coop thinking they would get along well i was wrong the six week old chics were picking on the 4 week old ones they had them in one corner and every time they moved the older ones went after them. so i got some chicken wire and split the coop in two so the bought have food and water my question how long before you think i can put them together without any problems. i am new to this so any help would be appreatiated.
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    Sep 6, 2009
    Ridgefield, WA
    I have been hatching some shipped eggs and then buying some special breed peeps from the feed store. As long as they were about the same size I put them together in two very large totes. The difference in ages between the two groups was about a 2 weeks apart. Today I moved all to my large brooder box in the barn leaving the divider out so they are one big group. It was new to everyone so there was not an issue of my space and your new here. they are all about the same size and as of right now (it's been about 2 hours) they are one group milling together. I would think that you will only have to leave the divider up for maybe a week to two weeks. They are going to be seeing each other all day long at the wall. Then when they are fully feathered and no difference in size to speak of take the wall down. I would suppose that as a drastic measure you could take everyone out on integration day and maybe put them into dog crates etc. Clean the brooder/coop rearrange is some and put them all in at one time... they then would all be "new" to the space and usually so concerned about that they forget there maybe someone new amongst them.

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