how does outdoor guinea nest look like?

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    Hi to all users
    we owned guineas for 6 years, they were raised by a mama duck who was broody but lost her clutch to a fox. out of 23 eggs 17 survive. the mama duck thought they were hers, she reared them ntil they were 10 weeks, they lay inside a hut every season, the hut they lay in is full of cattle hay, with about 2 or 1 metre door wide, 3 or 2 in hight. we are only able to pull the hay at the door for feeding cattles, the make nests inside but never image how it look like, what we only see are keets after they hatch, anyone who can dscrb it?

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    Nov 24, 2013
    Hi justin
    this is unsually of you, which means you don't even grap a few for break-fast,just kidding! for now you do need to look after laying hens, as that they are not good mothers to look after their nests at all. so may need to pull few so that a sitting hen can have a great hatching.many eggs under a hen are results of a low hatchability, because others chill to death from being cold. pulling eggs when the flock/hen is not insight. i' have no pics for you but the discrbtion can help.

    *as the seasons change the flock start to pair. after about an months mating can begin. both pair of guineas wander off to find suitable area to lay. it may take as long as an hour for her to find a place to lay.under a cover of grass or weeds a female guinea will start scratching a depression on the ground by using her claws,moving around as she scratch creating a basket shap hole.sometimes male guineas scratch the nest for females, after a nest is created an egg is laid. as the laying progress she will start lining the nest with dry grass and pulling her breast feathers to make a brood patch.
    unlike other poultry guineas are very particular about the privacy and location of their nests and don't tolerate of being disturbed especially when laying. hope you will find an answer somewhere
    lol"" guineas are funny sometimes

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