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Sep 21, 2010
how far from my house should my chicken coop be . And how far from my well water do not want to mess it up I like to have it close tho I have a lot of room.
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We have six acres and 2 are cleared. Our Coop is 30 yds out and backed up to a thick cedar swamp for protection from the North wind. Getting ready to build 2nd coop, same distance next to the one we have now. I'll be humping water from the house when things freeze up. Our well is next to the house but the aquifer flows towards the coop.
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I like to keep the coops close as possible to the water source because it is impossible around here to keep the hose out in the winter. In our case the coops are only about 30 feet from the house. Makes filling waterers alot less work in the winter.
Our coops are 30 ft from the house... about as far as you want to carry things in the dead of winter with blizzards blowing.
Well is 100 ft away uphill. Septic is 40 ft away downhill.
I agree, not so far that it's a pain to get to in the middle of bad weather. Or if you need to run power out to the coop, you don't want to make it far either. If the coop is clean, smell should be an issue. Ours if about 30 feet and it's close enough you can see/hear if there is any type of "problem" going on.

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