How frequently do your hens lay?


10 Years
Sep 7, 2009
And did they start off at that same frequency or did they build up to it? My four girls are just beginning to lay, one lays about three days in a row and then skips a day. The other has laid 3 eggs over the past 2 weeks. Now my third is beginning to lay, I believe she laid a tiny egg (but perfect with a nice hard shell) yesterday and another with a very soft shell this morning. I'm excited, but wondering what kind of egg laying frequency I should expect!
Thanks for any insight you may have.
My Black Jersey Giants, Black Australorps, and Standard Old English Game have been laying since February. My Buff Orpingtons have been laying since the middle of September, and I'm waiting on my Blue Cochins to begin laying. My Blue Cochins are the same age as my Buff Orpingtons, so I know they'll be popping out eggs soon!

My Black Australorps lay 5 eggs each per week. My Black Jersey Giants lay 3-4 eggs each per week. And my Buff Orpingtons have been laying 1 egg every day so far.
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My girls just started laying about 3 weeks ago. They were a bit irregular at first, but now I'm getting 6 eggs a day pretty reliably.
We have five hens, all should be laying, but our best per day in the past few weeks has been 3. During the summer we got 4 or 5 a day pretty consistantly. I'd like to have more. We are averaging about 10 to a dozen a week at the moment.
My ladies have really slowed down in the last month. Out of 6 hens -variety- we were getting 3-6 eggs a day. Even all winter! Now it's down to 0-1 a day! Can't figure it out. They may be molting, but they really don't look that bad. Not like some of the pictures I've seen. A couple don't even look like they've lost any feathers at all. Nothing else has changed. Well, except I'm building a new run, and one of the ladies has been broody - sitting on a golf ball for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Hopefully she'll be done soon. Any ideas? Could it be a change in the weather? It's been a dark, cloudy fall so far...
Chickens tend to not lay as much during the winter because there's less sunlight. Chickens need at least 12 hours of light to lay eggs. Some people put lamps in their chickens coops to keep their girls laying. I don't, but people suggest it.

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