How friendly are 1 week old bantam chicks?


7 Years
Jun 5, 2013
Norfolk Massachusetts
I am brand new to raising chicks. I have 8 bantam chicks that are 1 week old today. They aren't very people friendly. I pick them up twice a day to check for pasty butt. I sit by the brooder and talk to them 5-6 times a day. I've put food on my hand and occasionally they will eat out of it.

They don't like being held and chirp loudly when I pick them up. I've sat in the brooder with them and they completely ignore me. I've seen other people with chicks asleep on their laps and hands. Am I doing something wrong? Should I interact with them more/less? Am I just being paranoid? I want really friendly chickens. Any advice would be appreciated.
Sounds like you are doing just fine but remember to wash your
hands before and after handling your chicks and do no let
anyone who wont wash up not touch them at all .... These are
really just baby's and you are doing the healthy thing right now
and in a couple of weeks when you can't walk with out them
being under your feet or jumping up on you in the evening to
roost that is when you will know you were doing everything
correctly from the start ...

Your doing good
Thank you Gander007. I'm a bit of a hand washing freak. I will make sure anyone else that wants to touch them washes there hands too. You have eased my worries.

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