How high is the chance that he'll become aggressive?

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    Mar 10, 2012
    I have a Welsummer x Rhode Island Red rooster who is about three months old now. His sire, the Welsummer, was extremely aggressive and nearly killed another of our roosters (he just wouldn't back off even after our other rooster stopped trying to assert dominance) and was pretty people aggressive too with biting and trying to spur us. He went to the freezer camp.

    Baby (I called him my lil' baby and he started responding to it so it stuck lol) is very sweet. He doesn't try to peck like the other little roosters, he follows me like a puppy, he loves being pet, and he likes being held most of the time. He isn't crowing yet but his tail feathers are coming in.

    We cannot keep him if he becomes aggressive (which would mean freezer camp for him too)... In your experiences, because his sire was just so aggressive, is it likely that he will start getting aggressive when hormones kick in?
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    I believe genetics have a lot to do with it.
    So do all the cockers who breed for that trait.
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    I'd start doing everything you can to offset those genetics, but be prepared for getting rid of him.

    I'm not going to re-type all previous advice for raising roosters, you can search the multiple threads on the topic. Your best bet is to quit treating him like a pet and start treating him like livestock. And if you have small children, I'd say don't plan on keeping him at all.

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