how high is to high?

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    Feb 9, 2015
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    Hi my incubator won't go under 39.7f makes it 103.46c and my humidity is at 65 will my eggs be OK?
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    I like the humidity low for the first part of incubation... like 35%...

    and I am confussed about your temp question.. 39.7F? and 103.46C?

    did you mean the other way around? 103F?

    If you have a still air incubator, the temp at the top could be 103F, and at the eggs be 100 F, and below the eggs 97F.

    So... the eggs themselves should be at 99.5F.

    If your incubator is keeping the eggs themselves (remember, the placement of the thermometer probe can greatly change the reading) at 103F, they yes, that is too hot.

    You might still have some hatch, you never know.

    Then of course comes the question, maybe your incubator is working perfectly, and your thermometer is off....

    If you search on this site for "Thermometer calibration" I am sure some good info will come up.

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