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So I got my chicks today and I need to know if they are too hot or ok. The brooder (see pic below) is not too big and has a 100W red lizard bulb (not infrared) a little over a foot above the bottom. The chick seem much more calm (on the hour ride home they were pecking eachother) and I have seen them sleeping just outside the range of the bright part of the light. They aren't at the opposite end (not that there is much room with the feeder and waterer) but I was wondering what to look out for if they are heat stressed....

they will get as far away from the light as possible, chilled is easier though because chilled they will peep like crazy and huddle together. (I have lost chicks to too much heat (I'm in FL)) never have froze one...
If they're heat-stressed they'll be as far away from the light as they can get, holding their wings away from their bodies, and/or holding their beaks open, panting. If they're cold, they'll be huddled up together under the light. If they're just right, they'll be scattered all around the brooder, exploring or napping. It's a bit tough to see how many are in there, but I would be a little concerned about not having more space that's further away from the light. I'd rather make sure they can get well away from the heat source if they need to; they can always go closer to the light if they start feeling too cool. Congrats on the babies! Aren't those little fuzzy butts totally addictive?
Congratulations on your adventure.

Just to add some more seeds for thoughts. You'll likely have to be able to raise that light next week to 10 days as they adjust. Also, just looking, but seems to be 4-6 chicks? They are going to outgrow your present "setup" very, very quickly. They will require much larger and taller quarters very soon. It is amazing how fast they jump and fly. By three weeks, they can be quite, ah....., athletic? shall we say?
They seem happy and move about just fine. They can get to the back corner if necessary but they seem to sleep near the feeder mostly just outside the range of the light. I do have a rather large tank thats about 100 gallons which I will move them to soon (any suggestions as to time frame?). There are 4 chicks thus far, 3 Plymouth Barred Rocks and one Australorp (although he is brown with "chipmunk like" markings down his back so I think they may have given me an Americauna instead) and I have 3 more Buff Orpingtons coming in a week. Will those new chicks be "bullied" by the others that are 1 week ahead?
You can mix chicks of different ages when they are all 4 weeks old or younger, or so I have read several times here. I have two week olds and 8 week olds in my flock who grew up together. I'd say when your new chicks come in you might think about the larger brooder. And I agree, the chipmunk striped one is not a black Australorp. Mine are maybe 2 weeks, and they are mostly black with white here and there.
No, just the starter feed ( treats are fine too). You may want to start on a larger brooder really soon. You'll be surprised how fast they will out grow the tub. You will see them getting bigger by the day! In the picture, you can see my brooder that I used until they were about seven weeks old. It was about 3' by 4' in size, sitting 2' high. I made the top removable, and hinged on end for eas of cleaning.
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