How I fixed many "rough navels"

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    Well, I knew this was going to be a learning experience, but I didn't have any idea how many trials it was going to have. Apparently because of humidity and temp issues, we have had no less than 15 hatch with their navels not healed. Some were much worse than others. I am very sorry to say that I learned the hard way how to deal with this. I lost two before I figured out what I was doing wrong and don't want anyone to make the same mistake I did.

    The first two I used liquid bandage and the little "dabbers" they give you in the box. What I didn't figure out until it was too late is that as the chick lay on it's back and I was trying to stuff the belly in and liquid bandage it up, a very small amount was dribbling down it's rear and must have been gluing their vent shut. I did figure it out on the second one, and tried to use mineral oil to remove the liquid bandage and open it up, but it was too late [​IMG]

    For all the rest I have just used the dabber that have come in the liquid bandage box and very gently urged the rough navel back in the "cavity" that is open and I found that if you hold it there for several minutes it will seal itself up. Some have taken a minute or two, but one took up to half an hour because it kept peeping and it would open up again, but eventually it sealed too. ALL the rest of the chicks are totally healthy and happy.

    Hope this info helps someone!!

    The good news is the last 6 that have hatched have all been completely fine!!
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    *Is that a real common hatchling defect? What causes it, do ya know?? Not hatching a thing this season, but just wondering. Is it like a folic acid shortage in people?
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    It is due to temperature and humidity problems that occur something during incubation. [​IMG]

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