How important is a wire floor? A quick question


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I made this old coop around a year ago out of a bunch of junk I found around my property. I think I paid less than $50 to construct it. I think I only paid for the poultry wire and the latches/hinges. Well, I noticed most all of the quail pens here have wire floors for easy cleaning but was wondering how necessary it is. I was hoping I could just make a few adjustments to my old coop and raise jumbo coturnix in there. How do you think this would work?

This is a really old picture. There are no gaps under the coop and it is completely predator proof(knock on wood). It sits vacant. I built my chickens a proper coop out of newer materials and they now live in the fancy house. I was thinking of just burning this piece of junk but thought maybe I could find a use out of it. Will it work for jumbo coturnix? Maybe a breeding pen for chickens? it's 18'x6'x'6'

Well whatever, if you have any good ideas please let me know
I think it would work for either, I DEFINITELY would not burn it.

If you want coturnix to go in it put the door lower down, they are not big flyers so they may have trouble getting into the door.

If you dont have a wire floor on the run then its not predator proof, its not really necessary if you have a door that closes every night to the coop, I definitely would leave a ground level door open at night with quail in it, they sleep at night so no point in having a door open and since it will be ground level then a snake, rats, raccoons, etc etc could get in.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention since that picture was taken I have a door cut ground level. The coop is predator proof, I have wire going around the outside so nothing can really dig. Only risk is critters reaching in at them.

I have noticed in other peoples' pens that they have hiding spots in the run. Is this necessary for coturnix? What types of things do quail like to hide in?
I keep my quail in an aviary setting and they all have done well for years. So wire is not a necessity. But chicken wire is NOT very varmint proof. And I think you really need to cover it with 1/2 inch hardware cloth, or if nothing else, double up on the chicken wire. Coons and skunks can rip thru chicken wire. Make 100% positive that the bottom is dig proof, as that is where they will work on in the night. Remember, night time predators have a LOT of time on their hands and will work on something till they get in.

I also think it is a good idea to put a roof on top, as you don't want mud from rains and snows. Mud clumps up on quail feet and will cause feet issues. Not to mention disease and worms from being wet.

Quail do not walk up ramps like chickens. So you might want to make that opening a bit bigger and possibly lower it so they can fly up to it. I made steps, if you will, out of bricks and concrete blocks so they could hop up to the pop hole of their coop. And I would suggest you keep the quail in that coop for at least 2 days straight so they are familiar with it and see it as comfort, or they may never return to it.

All this being said, I think your quail would love to have an outdoor area to live in and you are on the right track! Good luck!
Oh, and if you put some cut branches of pine or such with leaves, like a big brush pile, they will certainly enjoy that! Quail love to hide from each other and other things that they think are after them. They don't like to be exposed.
I have been trying to find a manageable quail pen that I can build alone... I think I will try this design. You guys also answered my question about quail walking ramps. Thanks Ya'll
just put some plastic fruit netting over your wire, it will catch anything, i have stopped snakes, a possum, and a large fox, also buy a cheap electric fence and put a couple strands around the bottom.. the pen is definitely a keeper. you also could go inside and put in a few 2.4's raised about a foot off the ground and put hardware cloth, then have doors in the wire sides for you to care for quail, open under the pen up. for cleaning out poop, since it is 6 ft. wide you would probably need doors on both sides, add pvc pipe with nipples for water and some of the long pvc feeders and it would be nice for quail either way, on the ground or with them on the wire.
Yeah i would want something a little stronger than chicken wire, I know foxes can rip through it. I think ground pens are fine as long as the birds have lots of floor space and the run is cleaned regularly and kept dry.
if kept in a run with access to a coop , where would you say they would be more likely to lay, in the run, or coop? Oh and will the hens ever hatch their chicks if let be?
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if kept in a run with access to a coop , where would you say they would be more likely to lay, in the run, or coop? Oh and will the hens ever hatch their chicks if let be?

No, quail have lost that ability to brood eggs. So if you want chicks, an incubator is a great idea. Quail tend to lay their egg anywhere, however if given bedding material such as grass hay, they will make nests out of it and lay in a nest in the run or coop. Usually corners or the edges., where ever they feel enough privacy to do so.

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