How important is showmanship???

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    Nov 8, 2008
    I do showmanship at every show. The judges I had ,tested me by really want you to know a lot about your bird and how it compares to the standard... What are two things you would change on a bird..etc... Not to bragg but the first time I did showmanship at an open show I did champion. 4-H is a lot easier though.
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    In 4-H ... I still think showmanship is important. There are special classes just for that to demonstrate how much you know and how you handle your birds. With that being said, 'showmanship' also comes into play in the other judging too. When it comes down to birds equal in quality, I can almost guarantee the judge will start asking questions and watching how you are handling your birds. It all comes down to PRESENTATION!

    In open shows, you are not even allowed in the aisle when judges are working. Its strictly based on the birds then.

    I showed in 4-H for 12 years and am still a county leader. Two of my younger siblings have also done very well exhibiting poultry. My brother (now 22 years old) was on the 4-H Poultry Bowl team that won nationals in Louisville. Watching the showmanship class at fair that year was fun. We brought in a pretty highly esteemed judge and he had his hands full. The senior showmanship consisted mainly of 5 kids that had just won nationals that spring. That class alone took at least 2 hours til the judge could come up with a question that could stump any of them.
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    You don't have to participate in showmanship to go to a show and exhibit your birds and have them judged. At a show, the bird is judged, in showmanship, you are judged. I never did showmanship, wasn't my thing

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