How likely are my chicks to survive their trip?


6 Years
May 8, 2013
I ordered 4 chicks that will be hatched on the 9th. They are coming all the way from Ohio to Washington. It's fair to say they're traveling across the country. But, will this trip kill them? I really don't even want one to die. Is it common for chicks to travel this far? What are the survival rates?
i just had an order of chicks come in from texas to hawaii. it took 2 days to ship and I lost 2 in transit, and another shortly after arrival. last year i had some come from the east coast to hawaii in 4 days and lost 2 chicks.
i think its normal for there to be some loss. its sad for sure. One thing to keep in mind is that they ship the chicks out right after they hatch. the chicks might have looked healthy when they shipped but could have been bound to die anyway. most hatcheries hatch so many chicks a week that they expect a certain percantage loss, which is why they are so willing to refund your money.
but you might get lucky and they all could survive. i wish your chicks the best of luck in their travels.
We are in Washington in the PNW. We had 28 chicks shipped from Iowa (welp hatchery) and they all are doing well, we are into the second week and no loss. I think a lot depends on the health of the stock they came from, definitely you run a little more risk with only 4 because there are not as many to keep each other warm, but as long as the trip only takes 2-3 days you should be okay. But be prepared, loss does occur and that is why they offer replacements from most hatcheries. Good luck with your new babies!
It's a good idea to plan for some loss. I'm not nearly as far away. My chicks shipped from Ohio to MA and I lost one out of 4. I ended up wishing I had ordered more to give me a bit of wiggle room with the size of my flock. SO then went and got two more chicks that were only a few days younger from a breeder.
So, I have a good 50% chance of a loss or something like that? That sucks. I'm hoping my Buff Orpington will make it, also my Black Australorp roo. If they don't die, that'd be great.
Who are you ordering from? I know that My Pet Chicken ships small orders via Express Mail. I am in CA, my chicks ship out of Ohio by Express Mail and I have them in my hands in less then 24 hours, usually closer to 18 hours, since they fly from Ohio to the nearest major city near me. I have not had a doa or had one die soon after arrival yet.
Don'T want to be a pessimist but mine arrived in less than 24 hours and still lost one. They get shipped so soon after hatch there just isn't a way to know for sure that they can withatand shipping
I ordered 5 baby chicks from Meyer they hatched Monday they ship them out tuesday and I got them today at 1130 hope yours will arrive safe and happy as well!!
I ordered from My Pet Chicken last July and all 5 arrived from Ohio to So. Cal alert and healthy. That batch was shipped at 5 PM on Monday, received a call from the Post Office the next day at 10:30 AM. I ordered 4 more which hatched Tuesday this week due to Monday being a holiday, they did not arrive overnight but received a call this morning at 7:30 and all were alive and well. I agree with the others, some babies don't survive, not because of the travel but it could be that they just weren't healthy to begin with. It's a risk but well worth it once you get them! Just be sure to have the brooder ready and food and water. I also gave the babies some hard boiled egg which they devoured. Buff Orpingtons are pretty hardy so it should be fine.

Good luck!

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