How long after separating a rooster to be sure the eggs aren't his?


11 Years
Jan 19, 2009
Mountains of Virginia
I have two roosters, and want eggs fertilized by the non-dominant one. My dominant rooster is a pet that let's anyone pet him or pick him up, and is a super good rooster to the hens, but I want to introduce the genetics of the other rooster. I have separated the top roo and put him with some youngsters from the incubator for now. So what is a safe amount of time to assume most of the eggs are being fertilized by the other roo, rather than leftover sperm from my pet roo?
Thanks! I thought I had heard 2 weeks, and then I read 3 somewhere. It looks like you've done your homework, so I guess I had better wait another 2 weeks. I will have more room in the incubator by then, after I hatch some chicks, turkey poults, and guinea keets!

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