How long are duck eggs viable


8 Years
Jun 24, 2011
I noticed my duck was setting some eggs yesterday. This morning, she was not on them, and I do not think she has been on them all day. HNow long will they remain viable, or should I pitch them now?



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May 1, 2013
I can't tell you too much because I have Pekin's and they don't seem to do well hatching eggs. I would guess that she may be preparing to sit on them soon. I think they remain viable for awhile. I have heard of people hatching store bought chicken eggs. My duck has been sitting for at least two weeks now, I think it is hard on them. I wasn't planning on more ducks. I guess you should decide if you want ducklings or not.


7 Years
May 7, 2012
Orlando Florida
ducks will lay eggs and not sit on them for a few days as they continue to lay until they feel they have enough to sit on. The eggs will remain viable for up to a couple long as incubation has not begun. Once the duck starts sitting (and i don't know that i'd consider her sitting if she only stayed there for a short while and then stopped) then the incubation has begun , but ducks will leave the nest to eat and drink for sometimes hours at a time and the ducklings are still fine. And no one can hatch eggs bought from a store. One they're cold for way too long even if they were fertile..and 2 they aren't fertile because they keep the hens all in a row in one spot and the eggs roll out of the nest immediately after laying..there is no rooster in that area for them to be fertile.

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