How long are eggs good for?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by bearz, Jul 8, 2008.

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    May 20, 2008
    DS (8) inherited his grandma's chickens when she died this winter. We usually collect once a day, around 6PM because for some reason they seem to lay right around 5PM. Last night I accidently left the eggs in the henhouse instead of bringing them in, washing them and putting them in the fridge. Its hot out, about 80, and I ran out this morning about 11 am when I realized what I did. Are they still good? I seem to remember someone telling me that the US is one of the only countries that refrigerate their eggs...others just leave them on the counter.

  2. We are one of the only countries that refridgerates them because they are considered a "potentially hazerdous" food. I think you'll be fine, 80 isn't enough to really that hot to worry about, your hens do sit on them all day keeping them at 96+, that doesn't seem to do much harm for a day or two at least.

    I think you've got about 3 months on fresh eggs before concern over them going bad, easy. has an oil you can put on eggs that makes them preserved for like a year! That doesn't sound right, but as long as there isn't bacteria in there and you block all the pores, no O2 gets in there to feed the bacteria and you're good.
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    Bearz, here's another thought - I don't wash the eggs as it removes the protective bloom off them and the wet rag can spread disease. If they are really dirty I would wash them and use them imediately, but for moderate or less soiling I use a fine sandpaper and buff the dirt off.
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    I've eaten eggs from Obelisk, my Leghorn, that are 6 months old...they're good for scrambled, but that's about it...the white gets sorta gluey...

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