how long are eggs good?


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Jun 28, 2009
How long can you leave eggs at room temperature? I usually keep mine in the fridge but they sweat badly when I take them to somebody who wanted some. Thanks and our take was 14 today first time for so many we have 27 hens so I know the number will go up. It is just so cool to get the eggs I just love my chick.
Being a newbie myself, I would also like to hear some advice on how long they last in the fridge. Just curious.
I've read a lot of people on here say 3 weeks out of the fridge. I haven't tried it cuz mine don't last that long.
Eggs last a long time. How long they maintain quality depends on a number of factors. Just break the egg into a saucer or something before you use it. If it looks OK it is.

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