How long are turkey eggs fertile?


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Apr 26, 2010
My male Narragansett died today. Not sure what happened. He was fine yesterday. Disappointing as I have 4 hens just laying now. How long can I collect eggs for hatching assuming he bred them close to the time he died?
even if some were fertle i would not bred them because of the bird. it sounded like flip over syndrome (acute death syndrome) it is cause by heart failiors and could be passed thru bloodlines. other than that
Not sure what happened to the bird but yesterday on top of the nest boxes was a huge pool of blood. The birds are closed in for the winter and nothing could have gotten in. I checked the girls vents but didn't think to check him. Not sure if it came f rom him but suspect it must have. It was late at nite and snowing here so I tossed the body outside to the compost area without really checking it out well.

Thanks for the answers, am hoping some of the eggs will hatch.
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