How long before these lay eggs?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by NoAgenda, Oct 24, 2016.

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    Oct 20, 2016
    So....we just started with urban backyard chickens a few weeks ago. I first found three RIR's that have each laid an egg every single day...awesome! Then, a week ago, I went and got two more...I think they are easter eggers...but they were free range. The lady I bought them from told me she thinks they were laying and she thinks they are about a year old. I did not have the foresight to realize that since they were free ranging with 40 other chickens, how would she ever know? Lol...
    So now I think I have two freeloaders. As much as my kids and wife want to keep them as pets, I'd rather replace them with two that I know are good layers.
    Should I give these two new ones some more time to see it they will start? Or if they haven't laid by now, they aren't going to do it with anywhere near the consistency I'm hoping for?
    I appreciate any advice!
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    If they are a year old they will probably quit to molt here during the fall. In my opinion EE are poor layer even under the best circumstances. You probably won't see any eggs until spring unless they are younger than a year, and most of my EE never lay during winter.
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    Ok, that's great advice. I'm in WI too...Green Bay. I guess I'll have to find a way to move these two out and maybe get a couple more RIR's
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    Moving in any new birds causes stress, for the new birds and often for the existing birds too.
    Stress can cause cessation of lay.
    EE can be inconsistent layers.....but if you want those pretty blue/green eggs, you have to accept that.

    Learn more about chickens, most don't lay all year round, except maybe the first year and if you use supplemental lighting.

    Chickens are not .....plug and play... hahaha!!
    ...or as Blooie says, 'they are not pez dispensers'.
  5. My EEs are good layers...You just got them so as what usually happens when relocating birds, the stress stops egg production..once they settle into the flock they will lay...Give them a couple of weeks...

    Best of luck..


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