how long can incubated eggs last without heat??

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    Apr 19, 2014
    So tomorrow my town is gonna try to fix the electricity even tho theres nothing wrong with it and fixed it bunch of time in on month ( stupid town) and are gonna turn out the electricity from 8am to 4pm and i have 6 day old incubated eggs in the incubator. How long can eggs stay without heat?? And i heard if the were cold and heated again they would hatch a few days later than expected

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    They might be able to go that long without heat and be fine. If they were ok they would most likely hatch a little late. Try one of the following ideas to give them a better chance of not being affected.

    You could put your eggs safely into a cooler and add one of those "hand-warmer" packets, a hot water bottle, or one of those rice/corn bags for muscle aches. Just make sure the eggs aren't directly on it - I'd use a towel. Kind of monitor the temp to make sure it's not getting too hot.

    Or wrap a blanket around the incubator to hold in as much heat as you can and add a hot water bottle or similar item to add some heat. Just make sure you have a little ventilation going.

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