How long can she live like this??

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    So a couple of months ago I noticed one of my hens had a swollen crop. She didn't look good, she was pretty listless. So, I took her out and made her vomit, fed her yogurt and fluids. The next day she was better but not "better" you know? Mostly she was just struggling to get out of the holding coop and back to the flock. As soon as I let her out she took off back to her flock.

    She did OK then got worse again. DH asked if it was time to cull since I was just not up to doing surgery on her but I said we'd see how she did. Well, I figured she'd get really sick or die or get better. She hasn't. Her crop is a huge and she walks funny with it. But she's still getting around and still laying! And eating and following the flock. I tried emptying her crop again but it just seems to make her annoyed. If she seemed like she was really suffering I would cull, but she seems OK. Sort of.

    Am I being cruel? Would surgery really be easy?? [​IMG] Her crop feels like a bean bag.
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    Hi, There are some really good articles on here about crop surgery. You can Do It! If you cover the chickens eyes up with a black sock, it will "go to sleep". I have done surgery to injured ducks and chickens many times. Look up "impacted crop" "crop surgery" and get your courage up. Yo will be surprised how well you do.
    Hugs, and good luck!
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    I wouldn't do that vomiting thing. I would give mineral oil to pass whatever is in there and massage it. Try to keep her off grass, hay, straw and shavings. Just let her eat chicken food for awhile. You can give mineral oil soaked on tiny pieces of bread. Also give apple cider vinegar in the water but leave her fresh water also in case she doesn't drink the acv stuff. My vet said any vinegar will work.

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