How long can you last?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Howard E, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Howard E

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    Feb 18, 2016
    Looks like we are facing a couple days of ice storms, with forecast amounts ranging from 1/4" to 3/4", so a couple days holed up without power and heat is a possibility. Local TV running the predictable pieces showing empty shelves and interviews of people out stocking up on "milk and bread".

    One of my pet peeves that has developed over the years is the apparent inability of people to fend for themselves during the short term outages. So the question is "how long can you last"? In the event of a total loss of power and heat, how long can you go without food and maybe electricity or are you hopelessly tethered to the food store and power grid?

    One of my personal beliefs is that we should all be able to survive for at least 2 or 3 days and a week would be better. Not talking about armageddon and preppers and all that, but in the event of an ice storm or other natural or man made disaster, how long can you last and how would you do it?
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    A minimum of two weeks on food on hand. 500 gallon propane tank to run the generator. Lots of game to be shot. Through the summer we could survive for months. A country boy will survive.
  3. perchie.girl

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    I am good for about four weeks... I dont heat except with a pot belly stove. I have a 3000 gallon water tank Gravity feeds the livestock. Propane lasts me two years at the rate I use it. Even longer If I just take bird baths.

    push comes to shove I can forage in the desert ..... and I get about with a walker.


    Edited to add: Once I get re-established at home I plan on doing a food bank for myself... good enough for a year if need be.
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    Perchie, what would you stock in your food bank?
  5. Ol Grey Mare

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    Having had the opportunity to test this out during two different periods of exactly that (one in the fall due to a wind storm and one during winter due to ice) I can do 1-2 weeks depending on when it strikes, if it happens unexpectedly (and with the weather forecasts we have these days that is rare as you really do have an idea things are coming - more a matter of some people ignoring that and then being surprised when it happens) the shorter side of that and then I may have to resupply if possible (ie during the windstorm event electricity was restored in town after about 5 days, so the grocery stores, gas stations, etc were up and running). It also depends on location, season, etc. Where I was before we had a nice, cold spring fed creek that ran on the backside of the property making it easy to use it as a makeshift refrigerator to keep some food items from spoiling vs. where we are now which would require ice/a cooler which isn't really surviving without outside "stuff" such as refilling the ice supplies....of course, during the ice storm not an issue, lol. We are also fortunate in that none of our family is dependent on medication that can complicate the situation. Emergency preparedness is something I take fairly seriously as I prefer to know I can rely on myself/my family and not have to worry about needing someone else to "save" us or be a further burden to the system that is busy trying to save those that aren't prepared. I think we'd have been fine even longer, just didn't have to find out since things got back up and running. This was just general "ooh, the power's out" -- for total sh*t hit the fan we could be fine for months I think between our survival knowledge and foraging/hunting skills, etc.
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  6. perchie.girl

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    Beans and rice and corn.... HOme canned foods if I can get some momentum on that... Mostly all the things that normally would need a freezer. Power goes out on a regular basis due to wind. You can eat yucca Buds Mesquite pods wild mustard cattails. some Cactus.... I have a book or two on foraging in the desert. We have Jack rabbit, Cotton Tail, and Bush bunny.... all can be trapped or snared... and a Bizillian quail. And the occasional Mule deer.... but I couldnt handle that much meat quickly enough to preserve it. Oh and Rattle snake. My neighbor eats it regularly.

    My big water tank holds 3000 gallons. Horse drinks 100 gallons every three days. With the tank I dont need electricity though I would have to use a hand pump to pump it up to a tote in the house.

    If I were to put in solar power Id first prioritize the well pump. But Having a diesel generator on hand would be a good idea. Rliable and efficient. Wind generator as well.

    My place is on a tiny portion of the sonoran desert... even through summer there are vernal ponds. YOu can find them by smell... when its dry enough your sense of smell is a fabulous tool.


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