How long do I brood duckies?

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Dec 19, 2007
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I got some ducks and chickies from TSC... I am pretty sure one is a pekin and one is a muscovy... not sure what the other is, although it resembles a runner so far. Anyway, the pekin is getting HUGE!! It still does not have feathers.

How long do I keep them in the brooder? I am really needing a bigger one at this point... this thing has quadroupled its size in 1 week in a half.

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You need to brooder them until they are feathered out. It will take from 4 to 6 weeks depending on how quickly they grow and how warm your temps are, you also want to keep them from unsupervised swimming until then as well as their oil glands for waterproofing their feathers aren't fully functional until then.

They are a lot more cold tolerant than chicks, poults, and keets. By four to six weeks, I usually have mine in a brooder outside with a small fenced in yard that they can freely explore and with their food and water dish outside to make clean up easier. As long as they have a shelter with three solid sides, a roof, and lots of clean bedding, they don't usually need any supplemental heat at that age.

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