How long do I need a hen and rooster alone to ensure purebred eggs

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    I have three roos, in with my three maran hens, and one mutt hen. How long do I need the other two roos out of there before I say the eggs are pure?
    at that point I also need to check fertility...

    how long is a roo fertile? he is probably 3 years or 4 years old, is he too old?

    same with hens... how old is too old? they still lay, just not daily anymore... they are three I think... will they still lay 'good' eggs?

    I never EVER see them mating... are they shy? :)

    Thanks, from a newbie...
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    Most people say 30 days separation from the previous roos.

    After that you should check the eggs for fertility to see if the remaining older roo is doing his job.
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