How long do I need to quarantine my coop area before starting over.

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    As a newbie at keeping chickens, I have found these forums to be the most helpful for providing for my flock. Unfortunately, we bought our initial girls from what in hindsight appears to be a poor breeder. Our flock is infected with what I believe is CRD according to a reputable local breeder (only found this guy after I had an infected flock). I am currently preparing to cull the two girls I still have, as they are showing symptoms, ie diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite, fluid profusing the nasal and oral cavities at times. The two prior birds we had only showed symptoms right before they became so sick they appeared paralyzed.

    We are extremely frustrated that this disease is untreatable, and would like to ensure that if/when we try with a new flock they are not inadvertently infected by our coop and yard since they both have droppings from infected birds, and chicken disease is primarily spread via feces.

    How should I disinfect the coop? How long should we wait before it would be safe to introduce a new flock into the same area?

    We are heartbroken at our helplessness against this disease.
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    Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG) aka CRD lasts 3 days in the environment. Without a necropsy or blood test done confirming it is in fact MG, it would be risky to introduce new birds after depopulating your flock. If it's confirmed as MG, after 3 days you'd be good to go with new birds. Here's a link to help you out regarding MG:

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