How long do you have to wait to eat them after processing?

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    We have 5 Australorp roosters that are 10 weeks old now. First of all how old before they can be killed? We don't want to keep feeding them forever, but obviously they need to be bigger. At what age should they be big enough?

    And, I keep seeing people leaving them in the fridge for days before eat/freezing. What is the purpose of this step? I also see a lot of people mention brining?

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    I butcher mine as soon as I am sure they are boys to save on feed cost. This gives me about a 1 1/2 lb carcass which makes a great pot of soup. resting allows for the rigor to leave the body; I freeze my birds immediately after butcher, then thaw in the frig for 1 day and rest for 2. ie; I take a bird out of the freezer every wed for Sunday dinner.
    I brine big birds like turkeys or ones that I am going to smoke bu that's all. some people brine to pull out any excess blood in the carcass, I haven't done that.

    this is just how I do it, hope it helps some [​IMG]

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