How long does it take after chicks hatch for hen to start laying again

Each hen is different.

I let my broodies wean their chicks, I do not take them away - but that is just me

I have hens who start laying at the 3 week mark - still caring for their chicks, and those who start laying at 6 weeks on out and still care for their chicks.

I also have a hen who lays at 3 weeks and starts to wean her chicks then - works fine in summer but is really rough on the chicks and me in the winter.
My mamas have all quit mothering around 4 weeks, and started laying within a week or two after. I've read of their mothering a lot longer than this, just haven't seen it. But from what I read, if you remove the chicks, the mama will get quite upset and search for them, and I would think that would cause them not to lay for a while. Maybe your hen will stop mothering on her own by 5 weeks.
Last fall I had a hen in her own mini-coop with her chicks for about 8 weeks before reintroducing her with only a couple keeper chicks to the main flock. She didn't lay all 8 weeks. Since she went in with many other layers, I can't really say when her laying began again.
I plan to cordan her off in a section of the run with a nesting box while she is hatching. I don't want the other 3 hens forgeting about her and then have problems when I try to re-introduce her to her flockmates.
My hen started laying eggs when her chicks were about 6 weeks old. She actually went broody again with them still with her! She had just started ignoring them I guess. Even though I never once saw her peck them, and they stole food from her all the time. Such a good momma
I did not know that and am glad you told me . What should I be looking for to indicate that she has stopped mothering

When she stops "feeding" them and kinda just goes her own way. Some peck their babies to wean them so they start leaving her alone, but my broody just ignored them.

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